Juicer Recipes For Weightloss

Life is an expanded experience with many parts. Focusing on one single part of an experience throws everything off balance and makes it even harder to reach your goals.

Weight loss is pretty much the same way. It has many parts and when you focus on one part of it and ignore the rest chances are that you miss the reaching the goal.

In researching juicing recipes to lose weight, you should also consider the ingredients that help you enhance other aspects of your health.

Being overweight or obese is tied to a number of other diseases including diabetes and cancer. So why not look for juicing recipes that help you lose weight and also increase your ability to fight these diseases?

One ingredient that can help you do both is tomatoes.

The red color of tomatoes come from a compound called lycopene. The red and pink collar and watermelons and grapefruits also come from the same compound.

Lycopene is an antioxidant. A powerful antioxidant with  research to back its power to help your body fight anything from a stroke (1) to prostate stomach and lung cancer.(2)

Tomatoes are a marketer’s dream which could be a consumer’s nightmare. Many studies focus on the lycopene alone and reference the use of tomatoes. Tomatoes are not lycopene.

Research publications are careful in how the word their conclusions. They walk a balance between telling you to buy a single product, and they think you know that a single product may be missing a lot of ingredients that actually helps what you’re trying to do.

In one study, the researchers mentioned that they come across an unknown compound that increase in the body and tomatoes were consumed but not the artificial products containing lycopene.(3)

Could it be that that unknown product is actually what makes him it is effective?

The same research, six other ingredients were measured over a period of four weeks. The last measurements at the end of the fourth week indicated very interesting data.

First the lycopene in the samples of all three forms of administration were higher than where they began. Lycopene was lower in the group that did not take any form of it.

Second lycopene levels at the end of four weeks where lower in those we had tomato juice instead of artificial forms. However, the levels of the other six compounds were significantly higher in those who had tomato juice instead of other forms of concentrated lycopene.

Since a reference to health is often built around tomatoes, the same question returns. Is it possible that the other six compounds, but a combination hundred balance between these compounds in the not lycopene alone is what creates the health benefits in tomatoes?

I prefer simplicity in life. Scientific research debate over legal language and marketing efforts are too complicated. I know life promotes itself. It has a natural balance maintained by natural products. If I hear tomatoes are doing wonderful things, then I eat tomatoes and forget about which ingredient of tomato is going to work the best. That is a reductionist approach which often backfires.

Even juicing is a form of processing. You are extracting a part of the fruit or vegetable in your discarding the rest. Doesn’t matter if you are using Green Star Triturating Twin Gear Elite Juicer or Hurom Slow Juicer. If you can, stay with whole foods and use juicing as a supplementation process and focus on your health as a whole and weight loss as part of that whole. Don’t focus so much on weight loss that you miss out on the wonderful experience of complete health brings you for a very long time.